Press Releases (SoftBank Telecom Corp.) 2014

SoftBank Telecom Offers
AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management SolutionsSolution enables a safe mobile work environment with strengthened security for data
and applications used on mobile devices

October 29, 2014
SoftBank Telecom Corp.

SoftBank Telecom Corp. (SoftBank Telecom) announced today that it will offer the AirWatch® Enterprise Mobility Management™ solution in partnership with AirWatch® by VMware, the leading enterprise mobility management provider, beginning Oct. 29, 2014.

AirWatch enables organizations to manage applications, email, content and other information on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices in an integrated fashion. AirWatch provides a rich array of management services, including platform-based applications and content for complete mobile device support and email configuration, distribution and monitoring. Furthermore, AirWatch interoperates with organizations' existing systems, making it possible for companies to access internal resources anywhere in a secure fashion without changing settings on employees' devices. As a result, enterprises gain increased productivity and greater management efficiencies with mobile device management.

As smartphones and tablets continue to be essential tools for business, SoftBank Telecom will proactively support the secure and efficient implementation of mobile devices at enterprises by linking its own cloud services and network services with AirWatch.

AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management Solution Features

1. Rich array of features*1

Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Provides a wide range of security features to support the utilization of mobile devices in the workforce, including the removal of devices that do not comply with corporate security policies, such as when users Jailbreak*2 devices and install non-approved applications, and camera function limitations.
Mobile Application Management (MAM)
Enables application distribution from the Enterprise App Catalog (internal app store) to be installed on smartphones and tablets. Applications can be tracked and managed remotely from a centralized administrative console.
Mobile Content Management (MCM)
Allows enterprises to distribute content, such as documents, and track and manage content usage. Security features can be applied to documents, such as restricting copy/paste and watermarking.
Mobile Email Management (MEM)
Enables email configuration distribution, and usage tracking and management.

2. Global compatibility

The administration console supports 17 languages, making implementation optimal for enterprises that are developing globally.
(SoftBank Telecom's support desk can field Japanese and English inquiries.)

3. Comprehensive support

Taking advantage of its track record as the fastest to offer enterprises MDM services and knowledge, SoftBank Telecom provides comprehensive support for AirWatch.

4. Interoperable with existing systems

AirWatch can interoperate with SoftBank Telecom's services, such as remote access, and customers' existing systems. This interoperability enables cumbersome VPN settings to be done automatically reducing the burden on mobile device users. Furthermore, by synchronizing AirWatch with Microsoft's Active Directory®, ID/PW management can be integrated on the Active Directory side. SoftBank Telecom provides hosting of the relay server that links with Active Directory.

John Marshall, senior vice president and general manager of AirWatch by VMware, commented as follows:
“As a leading communications operator in Japan, SoftBank Telecom will bring mobile expertise and quality of support to the industry's leading Enterprise Mobile Management and Security platform, AirWatch by VMware, helping customers to implement their mobile initiatives and accelerate mobile innovation for end users. Our valued partnership with SoftBank, builds on the VMware vCloud® Air™ partnership with SoftBank Telecom Corp. and SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp., and will better enable the mobile workplace transformation taking place within Japanese organizations.”
Ken Miyauchi, Representative Director & COO of SoftBank Telecom, commented as follows:
“As a trusted and comprehensive enterprise mobility solution, AirWatch by VMware will provide the security, scalability and global presence that our customers require to drive their mobility initiatives forward. We are pleased to extend our partnership with VMware to offer AirWatch solutions backed by the quality of products and support SoftBank delivers to enable the next generation of mobile innovation in Japan.”

More Information on AirWatch / Customer Inquiries

  • *1Support for some features will start from 2015.
  • *2Jailbreaking refers to when a user removes imposed user limitations on a device, and when software is used in ways not intended by developers.
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