HR Strategy and Careers

At SoftBank, we want to create a workplace of shared ambition where individuals and the company work together to realize their dreams.

HR strategy and policies

In the course of achieving our vision at SoftBank, we have come to recognize that a working style that enables employees to realize their professional ambitions is essential, and have therefore established HR policies and related guidelines to promote this.

To realize the ambitions of the company and its employees, we need people with a willingness to share their views and listen to others, who can work with their peers to achieve common goals, who can pursue personal growth while working within groups that do pioneering work, and who are dedicated to changing the world.

HR Policies

To continue to grow as a corporate group for the next 300 years, SoftBank has established HR policies as a part of its basic policy, which includes its action guidelines. All SoftBank employees recognize the importance of the company's HR policies.