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SoftBank Launches World's First Experimental Services in Commercial Environment
Using NIDD Technology for NB-IoT

SoftBank's IoT Strategy to Bypass the Internet

September 28, 2018
SoftBank Corp.

SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”) today announced that it has succeeded in completing the world's first*1 connection test in a commercial environment for NIDD (Non-IP Data Delivery), which has been newly defined in the 3GPP*2 for NB-IoT, the LTE communication standard for IoT devices. Accordingly, SoftBank will solicit service providers and launch experimental services in a commercial environment.

NIDD is a new technology that enables users to transmit data to IoT devices without allocating an IP address. By not using an Internet protocol in transmission, the risk of being subjected to a malicious attack targeting an IoT device is low, making it possible to build a highly secure network. Through the elimination of the data such as header information additionally required in conventional data communications, the electric power needed for communication is reduced and, in addition to extending battery life, a broader area can be covered. Furthermore, by enabling connection on a closed network with IoT platforms provided by service providers and with external application servers, it is possible to build a highly secure network from end to end.

Image of Data Communication Using NIDD Technology

Image of Data Communication Using NIDD Technology

With the introduction of NIDD technology, in addition to the conventional NB-IoT and Category M1 (Cat. M1) services it currently provides, for which an IP address is allocated, SoftBank aims to introduce and commercialize devices tailored to various businesses and fields such as crime prevention, social infrastructure and agriculture, making full use of its distinctive features of high security, low power consumption, and high area coverage.

  1. *1
    3rd Generation Partnership Project: A project for standardizing mobile communication system specifications
  2. *2
    As of September 28, 2018 (according to SoftBank's investigation)

The following business partners have endorsed the aim of this introduction of NIDD technology and will cooperate with SoftBank toward further development of the IoT market.

(in no particular order)

Microsoft Japan

Akira Sakakibara, CTO at Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. and President of Microsoft Development Co., Ltd.
“We expect that NIDD technology to reduce communication load for IoT devices and enables to accelerate utilization in IoT field especially for those who had difficulty in conventional condition. As NIDD technology corresponds to open standards, it can easily connects to Microsoft Azure IoT platform and enable to implement data management, view and AI features. SoftBank and Microsoft Japan will continuously contribute to accelerate IoT technology utilization in every industry.”

Amazon Web Services Japan

Tadashi Okazaki, Head of Solution Architect, Amazon Web Services Japan K.K.
“Along with the popularization and growth of IoT technology, absolute security for IoT devices itself is strongly in demand. With the implementation of NIDD technology which securely connect AWS IoT platform and peripheral device, we expect to accelerate the popularization of IoT technology. Low power consumption is one of the characteristic of NIDD technology. Therefore, we hope to solve long discussed controversy of IoT devices high power consumptions.”


Vieri Vanghi, vice president, product management, QUALCOMM Europe, Inc.
“We are pleased to work closely with SoftBank in taking advantage of the latest LTE technologies to help enable the creation of innovative IoT products and services, using Qualcomm Technologies' modem leadership combined with SoftBank's IoT network.”


Kenichi Nemoto, Executive Manager, Information Innovations Dept. of Swing Corporation, and Taro Matsumoto, Vice President of DK Corporation
“Through the high security, low power consumption and high area coverage achieved by NIDD, we have high expectations of it as a technology that can support the promotion of business operations utilizing water smart meters and various sensors.”

Affirmed Networks

Hassan Ahmed, Chairman & CEO, Affirmed Networks
“SoftBank has been one of the world's most innovative operators in the area of IoT as they recognize the tremendous business value that these new types of services can deliver to their enterprise customers. Their latest innovations in the area of NIDD technologies are further evidence of this commitment and are providing a more secure and efficient solution for serving the wide range of IoT services that will be deployed over 4G and 5G networks.”

SB Cloud

Satoshi Uchiyama, CEO, SB Cloud Corp.
“SoftBank's introduction of this new technology makes it possible to connect to the Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform to transmit data with the high security level that can be obtained by NB-IoT devices. I expect this to promote further advances in the use of IoT data in various industries.”