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SoftBank Corp. Becomes Microsoft Azure
Expert Managed Services Provider and
Azure Networking Managed Service Provider

Company first in Japan to earn status in both programs after evaluation of strong track record and
technical skill for Microsoft Azure and Azure networking services

February 13, 2020
SoftBank Corp.

SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”) today announced that it earned status as a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (“Azure Expert MSP”), and Azure Networking Managed Service Provider (“Azure Networking MSP”) for Azure programs. SoftBank is the first company in Japan to earn status for both programs.

To support enterprises in their digital transformations (DX), SoftBank is promoting a variety of public clouds, including Microsoft Azure cloud platform delivered by Microsoft’s datacenter region in Japan, and a Multi-cloud Strategy by providing comprehensive cloud-related network and security solutions. Leveraging its experience and track record, SoftBank has been offering MSP services for Microsoft Azure since October 2019 with comprehensive support that encompasses consulting and support for implementing public clouds and building frameworks up to the operation stage. SoftBank earned status in both programs after being evaluated for its track record in implementing, operating and managing Microsoft Azure and related solutions for enterprise clients through its Multi-cloud Strategy initiatives.

Going forward, in addition to actively deploying solutions that incorporate Microsoft Azure and much-needed cloud services, SoftBank will expand its lineup of networks services that are used with cloud services. SoftBank also plans to offer a Managed Security Service (MSS) compatible with Microsoft 365 E5 licenses, an integrated solution offered by Microsoft Japan, and solutions centered on Windows Virtual Desktop, a service that virtualizes desktop environments on Microsoft Azure to enable flexible work styles. SoftBank plans to offer public cloud compatibility for the MSP services it currently offers for Microsoft Azure in phases. In the future, SoftBank will strengthen its collaboration with Microsoft Japan and other companies both in Japan and abroad to support the digital transformation of Japan-based enterprises with a variety of initiatives.

Azure Expert MSP is awarded to a small number of highly capable Microsoft managed services provider partners worldwide. In addition to providing Microsoft Azure; SoftBank has supported the digital transformation of hundreds of companies by designing and building systems and solutions that utilize Microsoft Azure, and has leveraged its strengths as a telecommunications carrier to provide high-quality operational services that incorporate communication networks. SoftBank earned Azure Expert MSP status following a rigorous independent audit process. This assessment ensures Microsoft's customers get the excellence of the Azure Expert MSP partner in terms of high-level experience and know-how across the entire cloud and Azure platform lifecycle, from early assessment, to architecture and design, implementation and management.

The Azure Networking MSP program enables partners such as networking focused MSPs, network carriers, and systems integrators (SIs) to use their rich networking experience to offer cloud and hybrid networking services around the growing portfolio of Azure Networking products and services. Networking MSPs possess specialized knowledge and technical skills and an extensive implementation track record for deployment, operation, maintenance and optimization and network architecture, which is necessary to realize both the high-speed and stable operation of Microsoft Azure applications and enterprise cloud migrations. Since February 2015, SoftBank has offered SmartVPN and other company-owned closed networks, as well as Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute and its redundant network service Direct Access for Microsoft Azure. With hundreds of enterprise users to date, SoftBank was evaluated for this implementation track record and its supporting technical skills.

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    SoftBank received Azure Expert MSP status on February 5, 2020, and Azure Networking MSP status on December 12, 2019.
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