Press Releases 2020

Notice Concerning the Execution
of an Absorption-type Merger Agreement
Between Shiodome Z Holdings GK,
a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of SoftBank Corp.,
and LINE Corporation

December 23, 2020
SoftBank Corp.

SoftBank Corp. (hereinafter, “SoftBank”) hereby announces that Shiodome Z Holdings GK, a wholly owned subsidiary of SoftBank (hereinafter, “Shiodome Z Holdings”), has decided today to execute an absorption-type merger agreement with LINE Corporation (hereinafter, “LINE”) in order to implement an absorption-type merger with LINE as the surviving corporation and Shiodome Z Holdings as the absorbed corporation (hereinafter, the “Absorption-type Merger”) as part of the business integration between Z Holdings Corporation, a subsidiary of SoftBank (hereinafter, “ZHD”) and LINE (hereinafter, the “Business Integration”), which was announced by SoftBank and NAVER Corporation (hereinafter, “NAVER”) in the “Notice Concerning Entry into a Definitive Agreement Relating to the Business Integration of Z Holdings Corporation (Securities Code: 4689) and LINE Corporation (Securities Code: 3938)” dated December 23, 2019 (hereinafter, the “Business Integration Press Release”).

For details of the Business Integration, please refer to the Business Integration Press Release.

Please refer to here for more details.