Press Releases 2021

Notice Concerning President & CEO Junichi Miyakawa's Acquisition of 20 Billion Yen Worth of SoftBank Corp. Shares

April 1, 2021
SoftBank Corp.

SoftBank Corp. (TOKYO 9434: “SoftBank”) announced that Junichi Miyakawa, who today assumed the position of President & CEO, will be purchasing 20 billion yen worth of SoftBank common stock through market transactions.

The purchases will be executed in Miyakawa's personal capacity. The given prices and conditional parameters of the actual purchases will be left to the discretion of a securities brokerage. The purchases will commence from April 2, and are expected to continue for a fixed period of time. In addition to taking appropriate measures to safeguard assets, SoftBank has decided to provide financing to Miyakawa for the share purchases.

Miyakawa commented on the share acquisition as follows.
“Through this personal holding of SoftBank shares, I want to show my determination to surmount any challenges the company might face due to changes in the business environment. I also want to convey to all shareholders my commitment to grow SoftBank's businesses. As a corporate group with the largest number of customer touch points in Japan, we'll continue to challenge ourselves as a comprehensive digital platformer. Our aim is to make great advances with our businesses, including expansions into global markets, while solving social issues and contributing to the achievement of SDGs.”

As of March 31, 2021, Miyakawa held 475,600 shares of SoftBank (0.01% of issued common stock). After the purchases complete, assuming the shares are acquired at the March 31 share price, Miyakawa is expected to own 14,378,900 shares (0.30% of issued common stock).