Press Releases 2021

SoftBank Corp. to Increase Ratio of
Women Managers to 20% by Fiscal 2035

Company establishes “Advancement of Women Promotion Committee” comprised of executives and outside experts to achieve goal of tripling the ratio of women managers

June 22, 2021
SoftBank Corp.

SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”) announced that it will establish an “Advancement of Women Promotion Committee” made up of SoftBank executives and outside experts on July 1, 2021. The Committee will work to achieve company targets, including approximately doubling the ratio of women managers to 15% by the fiscal year ended March 31, 2031 (FY2030) and tripling the same ratio to 20% by FY2035 compared to the current FY2021 level (7.1%). As of April 2021, women workers comprised 26.9% of SoftBank's overall workforce.

SoftBank believes that a talented and diverse workforce will be a driving force for its continued business growth, and it regards the promotion of diversity to be a management priority. As part of this initiative, SoftBank is promoting the advancement of women in its workforce. The Advancement of Women Promotion Committee will be chaired by the President & CEO and the executives in charge of SoftBank's divisions will serve as committee members. The Committee will discuss policies aimed at promoting and strengthening women advancement and review the progress of various initiatives. To promote active discussion with diverse perspectives, Naomi Koshi, who was appointed an External Director on June 22, 2021, and other external experts will participate in the Committee as advisers. Furthermore, division heads who have been appointed as members of the Committee will hold separate meetings to share information on respective initiatives, progress and success stories to promote women advancement company-wide.

SoftBank Corp. strives to create opportunities and build an environment in which all employees, regardless of age, gender, nationality or disability, can demonstrate their individuality and capabilities. In addition to a Mission Grade System that determines positions based on employee abilities and results, SoftBank's HR system promotes diversity by holding Diversity Week seminars and other activities to raise awareness for LGBTQ employees, employees with special needs and different cultures. To promote the advancement of women in its workforce, career training and leadership training is provided for women employees on an ongoing basis. A mentoring program run by internal managers also supports various forms of career development for women to play a greater role within the company. Managers also participate in diversity management training workshops and all employees take e-learning courses on unconscious bias.

Furthermore, to create a work environment that enables mothers to have and raise children with peace of mind and achieve a positive work life balance, SoftBank is improving and expanding its system of childcare leave and reduced working hours beyond what is legally stipulated. More than 98% of women employees who take maternity/childcare leave return to work.

While continuing to expand the programs mentioned above, SoftBank will introduce new initiatives resulting from discussions at the Advancement of Women Promotion Committee. To achieve continued growth across the corporate group, SoftBank will foster an environment that enables a talented and diverse workforce to thrive and build an organization full of dynamism and vitality.

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