Press Releases 2022

Notice Regarding Completion of Payment
for Disposal of Treasury Stock as
Restricted Stock Compensation

July 20, 2022
SoftBank Corp.

SoftBank Corp. (hereinafter the “Company”) hereby announces as follows that payment procedures were completed on July 20, 2022 for the disposal of its treasury stock as restricted stock compensation, which was resolved at the meeting of the Board of Directors held on June 23, 2022. Please refer to “Notice Regarding Disposal of Treasury Stock as Restricted Stock Compensation” announced on June 23, 2022 for further information.

Overview of the Disposal of Treasury Stock

(1) Disposal date July 20, 2022
(2) Class and number of shares subject to Disposal 1,421,700 shares of common stock of the Company
(3) Disposal price JPY 1,499.5 per share
(4) Total value of Disposal JPY 2,131,839,150
(5) Grantees of shares and number thereof; number of shares to be allotted Directors of the Company:
5 Directors, 1,071,300 shares
Executive Officers of the Company:
4 Executive Officers, 350,400 shares