With Our Employees

With Our Employees With Our Employees

Recognizing the importance of job satisfaction
and employee motivation.

We strive to create an environment where each individual employee can contribute to solving problems in society-a workplace where employees can fully utilize their skills through rewarding and fulfilling work.

A working style which supports the achievement of dreams and aspirations

While identifying our goals as a company, it became apparent that working style plays a very important role in the realization of individual’s dreams and aspirations as an employee. We are implementing policies conducive to such a working style.

Supporting employee-led CSR initiatives

Charity fundraising

Charity fundraising

In April 2013, we established a donation system for local support groups in response to employee requests.
Under the system, SoftBank Corp. matches employee donations and the funds are distributed to local non-profit organizations in the event of a major disaster.

Supporting disaster-hit areas in Tohoku

Since May 2015, we have worked with Dustkin Co., Ltd. to sell Mister Donut products in the employee canteen in our Shiodome Headquarters twice a month. We donate 10% of revenue from the donut sales to groups helping children affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Encouraging employee volunteer activities

To encourage participation in local volunteer activities, employees can take up to two days a year volunteer leave. In fiscal 2020, 16 employees took volunteer leave, and we are encouraging and promoting the use of volunteer leave so that more than double-digit numbers of employees will take it every year. By giving their time to support their local community –for example by cleaning public areas, assisting community members with disabilities, and offering support in times of disaster– SoftBank employees are helping build a better society. As a company, the ties we build with the local community in this way help us improve the service we provide.