For Our Shareholders

For Our Shareholders For Our Shareholders

We will meet our shareholders' expectations.

We have been at the forefront of innovation and taken ambitious initiatives in the industry.
To take the opportunity of the listing our shares on Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2018, we will pursue sustainable growth
and increase our corporate value furthermore.

“Promoting the “Beyond Carrier” strategy for continued innovations and challenges”
“Aiming to achieve both sustainable growth and high shareholder return while responding to market changes”
“Disclosing our corporate information fairly and timely, and pursuing proactive information disclosure
and communication enhancement”

At SoftBank Corp., we will meet our shareholders' expectations.

Building reliable relationship with shareholders and investors

As SoftBank Corp., our corporate activities are supported by a large number of shareholders. While executing corporate operations to fulfill the shareholders' expectation, we will work hard to disclose the relevant information timely and accurately, and try to minimize the gap between in Japan and in the other regions.
As one of these initiatives, we provide live streaming for our earnings results briefings and annual general meetings of shareholders in both Japanese and English. After the meetings, we post the videos on our corporate site. In addition, we provide updates on our ESG activities at investor meetings and utilize a variety of media and methods to communicate our management policies and business strategies in an easy-to-understand manner.

We also actively engage in IR activities for individual investors and have communication with shareholders and investors in various regions.
At the time of listing, we opened an Investor Relations site on which everyone can gain an in-depth understanding of our company. We will continue to pursue enhancement of information disclosure and to actively engage in IR activities.