SoftBank Corp. Companies


Location-based big data business

BB Backbone Corporation

Telecommunication services

BBIX, Inc.

Provision of Internet Exchange (IX) business, and native IPv6 Internet connection service

BBSS Corporation

Operation of portal for security and software services, and direct sales assistance

Cinarra Systems Japan Co., Ltd.

Internet advertising business

Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd.

IoT business, certification service business, security solution business, and Linux / OSS business

DeeCorp Limited

Management support services focused on sourcing

DiDi Mobility Japan Corp.

Provision of DiDi in the Japan market and ancillary businesses


Provision of e-learning materials, teaching know-how, school management systems, terminals, networks for demonstration experiments planned by local governments in relation to computerization of education as well as cloud computing services for educational institutions


Development, sales, import and export of big data-related products, software and services

Findability Sciences K.K.

Provision of platform using big data, cognitive computing and AI

Fontworks Inc.

Planning, development and sale of digital fonts, and software development

Generate, Inc.

Digital marketing solutions

hugmo Co.,Ltd.

Provision of web/mobile application services and e-commerce for childcare and educational businesses

IDC Frontier Inc.

Cloud computing (IaaS) and data center business

ITmedia Inc.

Operation of comprehensive IT information site ITmedia

LINE MOBILE Corporation​

Telecommunication services

MagicalMove Co.,Ltd.

EC delivery service with AI​

Odds Park Corp.

Compilation of information related to regional horse racing publicly-managed race betting and sales operation for betting tickets

OfaaS Corp.

Sales support for membership services provided by WeWork Japan GK

One Tap BUY Co., Ltd.

Security business

OpenStreet Co.,Ltd

Development, operation and provision of sharing systems; investigation, planning, information and service provision for regional and domestic tourism; research and solution planning for local public entities

PayPay Corporation

Development and offering of electronic payment services such as mobile payment

PS Solutions Corp.

Production, sales, information system planning, maintenance, surveillance, operation of, and consulting services for applications recording computer software

PT. SoftBank Telecom Indonesia

Sales support and consulting of communication business in Indonesia

Realize Mobile Communications Corp.

Planning, design, operation of mobile solutions; planning, production and distribution of mobile content; outsourcing related to the mobile business; mobile commerce business; and consulting services regarding the mobile business

Satofull Corp.

Planning and consulting on home tax payment

SB Ad Corp.

Online advertising agency, media buying, selling and planning

SB Atwork Corp.

Undertaking of work related to HR and labor administration

SB C&S Holdings Corp.

Holding company

SB Cloud Corp.

Planning, development, import and export, and sales of public cloud services

SB Creative Corp.

Digital contents business, publishing, and production business

SB Drive Corp.

Consultation regarding Introduction and operation of the autonomous vehicle, development and operation of autonomous driving technology related to passenger and logistics businesses

SB Frameworks Corp.

Logistics outsourcing and consulting services for IT companies

SB Gift Corp.

Planning and operation of online shopping system using mobile devices and the Internet

SB Human Capital Corp.

Operation of online employment information site

SB Innoventure Corp.

Incubation, business support, management involvement, seed acceleration and venture investment

SB Media Holdings Corp.

Operation of media and marketing segment

SB Partners Corp.

MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) business and MVNO-related business

SB Players Corp.

Research, planning, and provision of information for Internet leisure service

SB Power Corp.

Sales and purchases of power and mediating power transaction

SB Telecom (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Sales support and consulting of communication business in Thailand


System integration and sales of communications-related services in China

Cybereason Japan Corp.

Provision of Cybereason security platform in the Japan market and ancillary businesses

SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp.

Manufacture, distribution and sales of IT-related products, and IT-related services

SoftBank Mobile Service Corp.

Call center services, and business process outsourcing services, etc.

SoftBank Payment Service Corp.

Payment processing, invoice collections, and computation services for businesses

SoftBank Satellite Planning Corp.

Service planning for satellite communications, R&D for next generation satellite communications, and business planning for satellite operation

SoftBank Technology Corp.

Solutions and services for online businesses

SoftBank Telecom America Corp.

Sales support and consulting of communication business in U.S.

SoftBank Telecom China (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Sales support and consulting of communication business in China

SoftBank Telecom Europe Ltd.

Sales support and consulting of communication business in Europe

SoftBank Telecom India Pvt. Ltd.

Sales support and consulting of communication business in India

SoftBank Telecom Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Sales support and consulting of communication business in south-east Asia

SoftBank Telecom Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Sales support and consulting of communication business in Vietnam

Tabirism Corp.

Planning and operation of tours related to government-controlled competitions and local governments and other tours


Construction and operation related to telecommunications

Viewn Corp.

Distribution services for online content, etc.


Telecommunication services

Wireless City Planning Inc.

Planning and provision of mobile broadband services