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Disaster and Reconstruction SupportUsing ICT to connect hearts with resources to withstand disasters

Nobody knows when a massive disaster will occur.
We take disaster preparedness measures as well as provide support to disaster victims in the unlikely event of such an occurrence.

The power to support safety when disaster strikes

We are using AI and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) to promptly compile and communicate disaster information. We are working on disaster prevention measures to protect lives, and are taking measures to mitigate the effects of disasters in their aftermath.

Aspiring to bring hope to anxious people

When disaster strikes, we want to ensure the fastest possible recovery of communications facilities (lifelines), and rapid support including initial assistance and the setting up of evacuation centers. We want to create an environment in which disaster victims can have some peace of mind.

Harnessing the desire to support reconstruction and protecting smiles

We strive to provide continuous support that meets the swiftly changing needs of disaster-affected areas. We aim to get close to affected areas and use the latest technologies to provide support for sharing information that will aid reconstruction and for connecting people and regions at the earliest possible opportunity.