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Serving Diverse needsAiming for a society where everyone can continue to shine

In the world today, we need to accept and adapt to diverse lifestyles and values.
For example, to respond to aging populations in advanced countries such as Japan,
we need to develop new information technologies and create social systems.

How can we use information technology to provide support so that senior citizens can lead comfortable lives?
We want to use AI and smart robots to help people who are concerned about long-term care and daily life.

While taking advantage of the strength of information technologies,
we aim to create a world where all people are respected for being who they are.

Building bridges between senior citizens and local communities

We want to create a society in which people can enjoy the lifestyle of their choosing, in comfort and in good physical and mental health, regardless of their age. We are aiming to build the kind of sustainable society where the IoT, smart robots, autonomous driving systems and other technologies are used to directly and indirectly connect senior citizens to their local communities.

Initiative to Address Transportation
Challenges and Create New Value

MONET Technologies株式会社

MONET Technologies works with companies and regional governments to develop services that include regional on-demand transportation and shuttle services for enterprises.

On March 2019, the MONET Consortium was established to promote collaboration among companies as part of the firm's relationship-building activities, which seek innovative advances in mobility technology through the participation of diverse service providers from a variety of industries. Through business developments such as Mobility as a Service (MaaS)—which anticipates a future with self-driving technology—the consortium aims to promote next-generation mobility services, resolve mobility-related social issues, and create new value.

To enrich people’s lives by bringing problem-free mobility to all, MONET Technologies will continue to pioneer new mobility advancements using the MONET Platform, which combines various data with AI and the latest technologies.

Trains, Boats and Automobiles: MONET Participates in Tokyo’s MaaS Trial

Two of Japan’s Top Companies Join Forces to Create Platform for Next-Gen Mobility Services

Providing a New Mobility Service
that Uses Automated Driving Technology


BOLDLY Inc. is endeavoring to commercialize a mobility service that utilizes automated driving technology in an effort to create a society where everyone, including, of course, the seniors and people with disabilities, can freely get around inexpensively and safely. We are working toward the practical implementation of fixed-route buses equipped with automated driving technology which are expected to solve issues faced by transport operators, such as the driver shortage and bus line maintenance, as well as provide a mode of transportation for the elderly, etc.

Providing easy-to-use, senior-friendly services

Providing easy-to-use, senior-friendly services

We offer simple, easy-to-use smartphone devices designed specifically for senior citizens, even those who have never used a smartphone before. The “Simple Smartphone 4”, has a large menu display and large keys and letters making reading and typing easier.
Not only that, SoftBank is working to enrich and improve the convenience of senior citizens' active lifestyles with this model that allows them to quickly look up directions, connections, etc. thanks to its voice search that can be used by simply tapping the microphone icon.

In addition to senior-friendly operability and functions, the “Kantan Smartphone” released by Ymobile is equipped with a function whereby users can receive assistance by merely tapping the “osu dake support” (just tap and get support) icon* that when activated can detect and solve problems. If that does not fix their problems, they can directly call customer service operators free of charge for help so that they can feel comfortable about using their smartphones even if they are unsure of how to operate them.

  1. *
    KYOCERA Corporation and SoftBank Corp. have each filed a patent for the technology.

Using smartphones to track wandering seniors

SoftBank has teamed up with “National Caravan-Mate Coordinating Commitee*” to offer the dedicated “Orange Safety Net (OSN)” smartphone application that provides nationwide support services to track seniors with dementia in cooperation with a related Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare program covering a broad geogeographical area. We are able to provide the service through the use and installation of the OSN app in smartphones of supporters of seniors with dementia, as well as others who cooperate with the wandering-watch SOS network program for such seniors.

  1. *
    An organization affiliated with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare which holds training courses for supporters of people with dementia.