Press Releases 2007

SoftBank Launches “White Plan” -New price plan with basic monthly charge of 980 yen,
available from January 16, 2007-

SoftBank “White Plan” overview

(Tax included in all amounts)

1.Basic monthly charge

980 yen

2.Domestic voice call charges

Destination 1:00-21:00 21:00-1:00
SoftBank handsets Free 21 yen per 30 sec.
Others 21 yen per 30 sec.

3.Domestic Mail/Web charges (for SoftBank 3G handsets)

Destination Mail* Web*
SoftBank handsets Free 0.21 yen per packet
Others 3.15 - 210 yen per mail
  • * Subscription to S! Basic Pack (monthly charge of 315 yen) is required for mail exchange with non-SoftBank handsets and web communications.

4.Domestic Mail/Web charges (for SoftBank 6-2 series)

Destination Mail* Web*
Sky Mail Long Mail Super Mail
SoftBank handsets Free** 8.4 yen per mail 0.315 yen per packet SoftBank 6-5 series: 0.315 yen per packet SoftBank 4-2 series: 2.1 yen per KB
Others 3.15 yen per mail
  • * Subscription to S! Basic Pack (monthly charge of 315 yen) is required for sending/receiving mails other than sending/receiving Sky Mail and sending Long Mail.
  • ** Sending Sky Mail to non-SoftBank mobile phone numbers (Email addresses) will be charged at 3.15 yen per mail.

5.Date for accepting applications

January 16, 2007

Applications from existing customers to change their price plan to “White Plan” will be accepted from January 11, 2007 through interactive voice response system by dialing *5533 (toll free, from SoftBank handsets) or “My SoftBank”, online service via PCs or SoftBank handsets prior to other customers.

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