Press Releases 2007

New Mobile Handset Lineup for Summer 2007
-Series of "style" focused handsets to appear-

Models and main features

Model Main features Availability
(by Sharp)
Segmented display of mail or web while watching "One Seg" digital TV can be enjoyed, AQUOS Mobile with 3.0-inch wide VGA LCD. "3G High Speed" compatible Early June
(by Sharp)
By sliding the display the lower case with embedded buttons appears. World’s first*1 "full flat, full slide" and "One Seg" digital TV compatible handset. "3G High Speed" compatible Late July
(by Toshiba)
"One Seg" digital TV can be enjoyed optimally outdoors, with 2.8-inch "Wide Clear Screen". Slim body including a 3.2 megapixel camera. "3G High Speed", "S! FeliCa", "S! GPS Navi" compatible Early August
(by Panasonic Mobile Communications)
New kind of slide-type model using the "flat slide" mechanism, making the handset as easy-to-use as a straight model. Fits into a pocket or bag easily, 12.9mm thin slim body Mid June
(by Samsung Electronics)
World’s slimmest*3 slide-type "One Seg" digital TV compatible handset at 13.5 mm. "3G High Speed" compatible Mid June
GENT 812SH s
(by Sharp)
Big font letter types, simple menu, easy to understand and push buttons. Stylish handset optimal for senior-citizens Late July
(by Sharp)
Elegant glitter texture design. Easy-to-use arc-ridge keys*4, colorful high resolution VGA LCD. "3G High Speed" compatible Early July
(by Sharp)
Strong glittering presence and metal design. PC site browser displays PC sites clearly on high resolution VGA LCD. "3G High Speed" compatible Early July
(by Sharp)
Slim & compact slide-type handset. Menu functions can be used and received mails can be checked easily while handset is closed. Combination of simple and smart functionality. "3G High Speed" compatible Early September
(by Toshiba)
Japan’s first*5 clamshell model using titanium in the upper body. A luxurious slim body of only 12.9mm thin, with 2 megapixel auto focus camera. "S! FeliCa" compatible Early July
fanfun 815T
(by Toshiba)
The ultimate complete coordination mobile available in 12 colors with 300 coordination genuine panels and 30 types of illuminations making the world’s first*1 240 million different variations possible Mid July
(by HTC)
Japan’s first*6 straight type of smart phone in Japan with Windows Mobile® 6 as OS. QWERTY keyboard*7 and finger trace and tap "JOGGR" functionality similar to touch pads on note PCs. "3G High Speed" compatible Late July
(by Toshiba)
Japan’s first*6 with Windows Mobile® 6 Professional Edition as OS. A smart phone compatible with "3G High Speed", 3.0-inch wide VGA LCD with touch panel capabilities and fingerprint identification functionality Mid August
  • *1 As of May 22, 2007 among the top 5 mobile handset manufactures in the world and mobile handsets sold in Japan (according to ROA Group).
  • *2 "SoftBank 805SC" was announced on January 25, 2007 as part of the spring models.
  • *3 As of May 22, 2007 among W-CDMA mobile handsets (according to Samsung Electronics).
  • *4 Keys designed in the shape of a U-line for ease of use considering the angle and surface of the finger when pushing the keys.
  • *5 As of May 22, 2007 among mobile handsets using titanium in the upper body, available on the Japanese telecommunication network (according to TOSHIBA CORPORATION).
  • *6 As of May 22, 2007 among mobile handsets sold in Japan, with Windows Mobile® Standard Edition and Professional Edition (according to SBM).
  • *7 Keyboard alignment standard used globally, the six letters on the second line from the above left corner spell out "QWERTY".
  • *AQUOS is a registered trademark of Sharp Corporation.
  • *FeliCa is the contactless IC card technology developed by Sony Corporation.
  • *FeliCa is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.
  • *3G High Speed, S! GPS Navi, PC Site Browser are registered trademarks or trademarks of SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.
  • The information is true and accurate at the time of publication.
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