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SoftBank and Cybereason Form Joint Venture
to Provide Cyber-security Platform that Utilizes AI New joint venture to offer ‘Cybereason™’ security platform for Japan market

April 5, 2016
SoftBank Corp.
Cybereason Inc.

SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”) and Cybereason Inc. (“Cybereason”), which received an investment from SoftBank in September 2015, today announced they established a joint venture, Cybereason Japan Corp. (“Cybereason Japan”), to offer ‘Cybereason’, a cyber-security platform that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI), to the Japan market.

With the increasing sophistication of cyber-attacks in recent years, companies and organizations are enacting various cyber-security measures, including entry control, exit control and monitoring from security operation centers. However, since it is difficult to completely prevent infiltrations using conventional measures, a new approach that quickly detects and deals with cyber-attacks is being called for.
Cybereason's cyber-security platform, Cybereason, utilizes AI-based proprietary analytics to locate cyber-attacks, and its cloud-based operation enables companies and organizations to solve their cyber-attack issues by using data analysis.

With Cybereason Japan acting as the sole agent, SoftBank will offer Cybereason in Japan starting from the end of April 2016.

Cybereason Japan Overview

Company name Cybereason Japan Corp.
Established January 24, 2016
CEO Shai Horovitz
Location 1-9-2 Higashi-shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Share capital (including capital reserve) 400 million yen
Shareholders SoftBank Corp., Cybereason Inc.
Activities Provision of Cybereason security platform in the Japan market and ancillary businesses
URL (in Japanese)

Cybereason Security Platform Overview

1. Main characteristics

  • Constant surveillance and detection of “suspected cyber-attacks”

    Monitors all end point behavior, analyzes signs of cyber-attacks in real time on the cloud and immediately notifies administrators when threats are discovered.

  • Sophisticated correlation analysis and automation

    Cybereason is equipped with an engine that can automatically identify whether a series of moves represents a threat. By using proprietary analysis logic on massive amounts of data collected at the end point, activities that could be potentially used for attacks are extracted. Furthermore, records are analyzed to check if there have been suspected attacks, and correlations are identified as “suspicious activities.” At the final stages, a massive number of cyber-attack scenarios are cross-checked, and those that fit the judgment criteria are reported to administrators as malicious activities.

  • Instant identification of impact scope

    Since the platform monitors the entire end point, users can instantly identify the infection status of other terminals when a particular event is detected. This makes it possible to smoothly conduct first responses to incidents, including accurate status assessments, preventing damage expansion and determining the cause.

  • Easy-to-understand graphical user interface that visualizes cyber-attack warning signs

    Automatic analysis results are shown graphically on the Cybereason administrator screen, making it possible to quickly ascertain the overall flow of events. Furthermore, since the screen shows when a malware incursion occurred and infringement activities in chronological order, necessary information gathering can be done efficiently for reporting.

  • Easy to implement and operate

    The surveillance agent at the end point is designed to operate with minimal load on the user's terminal, enabling smooth operation. Also, since the platform can be implemented in a short amount of time, required settings and other packaged sensors (applications) can be performed at once with a silent install*.

  • *
    Concurrent application distribution assumes implementation using customer's existing tools.

2. Types of services

  • 1)
    Product usage only

    Cybereason usage license + product support service

  • 2)
    Product usage + managed services

    In addition to 1), notifications (phone calls/messages) from security analysts when events are detected, deterrence control, analysis reports and other services

3. Service launch date

From the end of April 2016

4. Cybereason details / inquiries

URL (SoftBank business service site, in Japanese)
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