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SoftBank Launches Third Round of
‘SoftBank Innovation Program’ New round seeks solutions in five categories,
including AI as a Service, Disrupt and EdTech

November 14, 2017
SoftBank Corp.

SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”), a subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corp. (TOKYO: 9984), today announced that it launched a third round for its ‘SoftBank Innovation Program’, a program that seeks a wide range of innovative solutions and technologies from around the world to consider for commercialization.

The SoftBank Innovation Program's aim is to create new value by combining the innovative solutions and technologies of other companies with SoftBank's own resources. SoftBank selects applications that it deems to be innovative and superior, and then provides funding for prototype development, environments for test marketing and other forms of assistance. Based on the test marketing results, SoftBank considers product or service commercialization. In addition, starting with this round, SoftBank may also consider investing in applicant companies.

The third round of the SoftBank Innovation Program is open to five categories—AI as a Service*1, Disrupt*2, EdTech*3, Home*4 and AR (augmented reality) / VR (virtual reality)—and applications will be accepted at the SoftBank Innovation Program official website.

  • *1
    Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • *2
    Innovative solutions that disrupt existing businesses and concepts
  • *3
    Solutions that combine education and IT
  • *4
    A variety of home-based services and solutions (including smart homes)

Outline of Third Round of SoftBank Innovation Program

1. Entry period:

November 14, 2017 to January 16, 2018 (JST)

2. Categories:

AI as a Service, Disrupt, EdTech, Home, AR/VR

3. Eligibility:

Program submissions will be accepted from organizations of all sizes, from startups to big corporations. (Applications will be accepted from any country).

More Information on SoftBank Innovation Program / Where to apply

URL (SoftBank Innovation Program official website)

About SoftBank Corp.

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