Press Releases (Ymobile Corporation) 2013

eAccess to Release Improved Pocket WiFi (GL09P)
with a Maximum Downlink Speed of 110 Mbps*

May 14, 2013
eAccess Ltd.

eAccess Ltd. announced to release Pocket WiFi (GL09P), the fastest Pocket WiFi ever, with maximum downlink speeds of 110 Mbps* to support high-speed data communications, in August 2013 or later.

Pocket WiFi (GL09P) is a mobile data communications terminal supporting AXGP, LTE, and W-CDMA networks, with a maximum downlink speed of 110 Mbps.* It also supports SoftBank's Wi-Fi Spot service, and enables high-speed data communications over a broad area. Equipped with large 5,000 mAh battery, it allows users to enjoy stress-free communication services while traveling. Capable of providing electrical power to external devices, it can also be used as a backup power supply for smartphones and tablets. It boasts significantly improved operability, touch keys, and a color touch screen LCD panel, providing an easy-to-view display so users can easily configure settings and carry out operations while looking at the screen without having to do anything else.

The GL09P is the most powerful model in the series, providing the fastest data communications speed, the largest battery capacity, and superior operability.
Price to be announced as soon as it is determined.

Pocket WiFi (GL09P)

Expected Release Date

August 2013 or later

Main Features

  • Ready for multiple networks (i.e., AXGP, LTE, and W-CDMA), with a maximum downlink speed of 110 Mbps*
  • Equipped with large 5,000 mAh battery
  • Power supply function serves as a backup power supply for smartphones and tablets
  • User-friendly color LCD screen for easy configuration
  • *
    A maximum downlink speed (when receiving data) of 110 Mbps can be attained via the AXGP protocol (maximum uplink speed (when sending data) of 10 Mbps). Maximum communication speeds are on a best-effort basis (the maximum speed as provided for in the respective standard), communication speeds may vary depending on the communication environment and status of data traffic congestion. On an LTE network, the maximum downlink speed is 75 Mbps and the maximum uplink speed is 25 Mbps in certain areas. On networks other than AXGP and LTE, the maximum downlink speeds will vary depending on the area. Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b/g/n at 2.4 GHz compliant) is the communications standard used between a communications terminal and Wi-Fi compatible device.
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