Highlights (Quarter)

  1. *1
    Adjusted EBITDA = operating income + depreciation and amortization (including loss on disposal of non-current assets) + stock compensation expenses ± other adjustments
    The definition of Adjusted EBITDA has been revised to include stock compensation expenses from FY2021, figure of FY2020 is restated accordingly
  2. *2
    Net income attributable to owners of the Company: Net income attributable to owners of SoftBank Corp.
  3. *3
    Excludes Rental mobile phones for enterprise customers, Z Holdings Corporation group, Shared equipment (contributions by other operators) , and impact from adopting IFRS 16
  4. *4
    Adjusted free cash flow = free cash flow + (proceeds from the securitization of installment sales receivables – repayments thereof)
  5. *5
    Excludes A Holdings Corporation's and Z Holdings's free cash flow, net payments for obtaining the control of subsidiaries associated with the business integration with LINE Corporation, loans to board directors etc., and includes dividend received from A Holdings Corporation and Z Holdings Corporation
  6. *6
    Figures have been adjusted retrospectively to reflect the completion of provisional accounting treatment for business integration of Z Holdings Corporation with LINE Corporation (FY2020 Q4, FY2021 Q1)
  7. *7
    Net interest-bearing debt = Interest-bearing debt – Cash and cash equivalents – Cash reserve for securitization of sales receivables

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