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Handling of Personal Information
in Second-hand Dealings

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    Please note that this document is an unofficial translation and was prepared for reference purpose only. The original release is in Japanese.

1. Purpose of use of personal information

SoftBank Corp. (hereafter called “SoftBank”) uses personal information for the purpose of processing the second-hand dealing business as follows.

1) Purpose of use of personal information

  1. For providing customer support by handling inquiries from customers, providing customer support such as guiding procedures or providing information regarding second-hand dealings.
  2. For determining whether or not to provide the second-hand dealing and dealing condition management after the contract.
  3. Assessment of second-hand articles, verification of customers.
  4. Prevention of unauthorized trade.
  5. Marketing research and analysis.
  6. Preparation of statistical data for management analysis and the use of the results of such analysis.
  7. For performing other operations necessary for second-hand dealings including the support based on the laws and regulations, etc.

Furthermore, in any case where personal information shall be used other than the purposes mentioned above, SoftBank will clarify the purpose of use and obtain prior consent from the customer concerned.

2) Personal information used by second-hand dealings

SoftBank will obtain and use following personal information required for above mentioned.

  • Personal information of applicant, etc.

    Name, birth date, gender, address, occupation, relationship, contact, telephone number, email address and required information for providing various services or information for dealing second-hand articles.

2. Provision to third parties

SoftBank may provide third parties with personal data treated by SoftBank with complying with the rules of the Personal Information Protection Law, the Secondhand Articles Dealer Act and other prescripts, etc. As mentioned below, SoftBank may provide third parties with personal data treated by SoftBank.

If there is a suspicion of stolen properties to the articles SoftBank handles, SoftBank may provide police agency with personal data (name, address, birth date, telephone number, etc.) belongs to the customer who wants to make second-hand dealing.

3. Disclosure of retained personal data

1) SoftBank, if requested to inform about the purpose of use, disclose, correct, suspend or provide to third parties retained personal data by an individual of such retained personal data, gives a reply in the following service. Complaints about the handling of such retained personal data are also acceptable through the following service.

Supplementary provisions

  • The present Handling of Personal Information in the Second-hand Dealing Business shall be enforced from February 1, 2013.
  • Revised on April 1, 2022
  • Please click here (in Japanese) to see the previous revised rules.