Appropriate Use of Water Resources

Appropriate Use of Water Resources Appropriate Use of Water Resources

We recognize that water is both necessary for our business activities and an important resource for the local communities in which our business sites are located. Accordingly, we are addressing water risk and promoting the efficient use of water resources on a companywide basis.

The Environment Committee effectively manages water risk while conducting managerial supervision that ensures both companywide response to these risks and efficient water resource utilization.

Water usage management

We are implementing water usage management initiatives, including setting water usage targets and regularly managing and evaluating progress on relevant activities.

Items [Unit] Results Target
FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Water consumption (Water withdrawal) [m³]*1 1,191,210 1,330,834 675,729 731,594 744,000

Please refer to “ESG Data” for more information.

  1. *1
    For offices that do not have individual meters, calculations are based on the area of the office and actual water consumption within the group.
  2. *
    Coverage based on the sales ratio of each group company in FY2022 is 75.8%.
  3. *
    The calculation method was changed in FY2021.
  4. *
    We have obtained third-party verification (limited assurance level in accordance with ISAE 3000).
  5. *
    As a long-term target until FY2030, we assume that the demand for water will increase due to business expansion, but we have set the same level of water consumption as the current level by striving for more efficient use, etc.

Major initiatives

Efficient use of water resources

At our headquarters building, “Tokyo Port City Takeshiba Office Tower,” we are implementing water-saving measures to reduce miscellaneous water usage by over 30%. Rainwater collected from the roof and other areas is gathered through roof drains and kitchen wastewater is collected, stored, sterilized, and reused for toilet flushing. Additionally, on each floor, we have installed water-saving devices such as flow restrictors on hot water supply facilities and sound simulators in toilets to reduce the frequency of flushing.

We promote water conservation by disseminating information about these initiatives to all employees through internal intranet and other channels, raising awareness across the organization.

Support for building new water supply systems in regions where maintenance of water infrastructure is difficult

We are collaborating with WOTA Corporation, with whom we have entered into a capital business partnership, to address the financial challenges in the water supply business. We are working on solving the issues in depopulated and island areas where maintaining water infrastructure is difficult. Utilizing WOTA Corporation's “Residential Connection System,” which enables 98% recycling of all domestic wastewater without connecting to existing water supply systems, we have been conducting pilot experiments in Toshima Village, Tokyo since June 2023. We are striving towards realizing a mechanism to supply water reliably in island areas.

Furthermore, we are also conducting sales of water circulation-type handwashing stands called “WOSH,” which enable water use even in the event of water supply disruption due to disasters, and portable water recycling systems called “WOTA BOX,” which provide bathing opportunities in evacuation centers.

Support for building new water supply systems in regions where maintenance of water infrastructure is difficult
Support for building new water supply systems in regions where maintenance of water infrastructure is difficult

Understanding regions subject to water stress

Using the Aqueduct data platform run by the World Resources Institute (WRI), we have identified regions that are subject to water stress and have confirmed that, based on considerations of wastewater pollution risk and reports from surrounding areas, none of our business sites are associated with high overall water risk.
In addition, Singapore, where our group company SB Telecom Singapore Pte. Ltd. is headquartered, is considered to be a region with high water stress*. According to assessments using the Aqueduct tool, water stress is projected to increase to 1.4 times the current level by 2040.
Although there is little need for immediate countermeasures in consideration of the scale of the project and the amount of water withdrawn, we recognize the need to collect information and consider the need for countermeasures in light of the increased physical risk due to extreme weather conditions in the future.

Country Location Name Sales
(Billions of yen)
Number of locations Amount used (m³)
Singapore SB Telecom Singapore Pte. Ltd. headquarter 2.8 1 2.7
  1. *
    As the end of March, 2023
  2. *
    Ranked 1st among the top 33 Water-stressed Countries: 2040, according to WRI (World Resources Institute).