ESG Related Information

“Sustainability Report” and “ESG Data Book”, which summarize our ESG initiatives are available here. Please click here for the Integrated Report.


Sustainability Report 2022
Sustainability Report 2022 (PDF: 18.7MB/220 pages)
ESG Data Book 2022

ESG Data Book 2022 (PDF: 11.7MB/23 pages)

Major ESG Data (HTML)


Sustainability Report 2021
Sustainability Report 2021 (PDF: 14.8MB/111 pages)
ESG Data Book 2021

ESG Data Book 2021 (PDF: 12.4MB/22 pages)


Sustainability Report 2020
Sustainability Report 2020 (PDF: 26.2MB/90 pages)
ESG Data Book 2020
ESG Data Book 2020 (PDF: 208KB/9 pages)